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Frigid Cold? No problem with our powerful 12 and 16 volt batteries our heated glove liners are the hottest on the market. Heating the back of the hand and around the fingers you feel like you can conquer any kind of cold.

  • Snowboarding

  • Hunting

  • Construction

  • Skiing

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  • Rob Howse

    These gloves are the best! They allow me to ski long distance events and ride bike in the coldest winter conditions despite Reynauds in my fingers.

  • Heather Morrison

    Their heated glove liners are like a powerful furnace. Using them with even lesser quality gloves, my hands stay warm. I believe they have the best product on the market for people like me who suffer from cold hands.

  • Greg Corrigal

    Excellent service when I bought the heated glove liner kit 3 years ago. The gloves allow me to walk and cycle outside in the winter.

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